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Conshy Celebrity – Joy Manning

July 28, 2011

How did you come to live and/or work in Conshohocken? I’m a native Philadelphian, and I have lived in South Philly for the last five years. In January, I took a job in Emmaus, PA, outside Allentown, without realizing just how much I would hate commuting 3 to 4 hours everyday, much of it stalled in traffic on 76. I […]

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Conshohocken News & Gossip – Week of 07/25/11

July 26, 2011

As the Wawa Turns I am not sure where to take the Super Wawa story.  On the “Stop Wawa” side you have an organized effort funded by local (in and out of Conshy) businesses with a prominent attorney and communications firm.  Even during their letter writing campaign their PR person was quoted in a story in the Times Herald instead […]

Conshy Celebrity – Bill Bostic

July 21, 2011

How did you come to live and/or work in Conshohocken? Being a native of Philadelphia, I always enjoyed visiting Montgomery County.  When I first started my construction company, the office was in Blue Bell and we were living in Delaware County.   As time went on, our business began to grow and decided to relocate to a larger office in a […]

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Conshohocken News & Gossip – Week of 07/18/11

July 20, 2011

News & Gossip There have been rumblings about a Dog Park in Conshohocken for over a year now.  This past week saw a lot of activity with a Facebook Page, a website being launched and a table with a petition at Spamps’ Yappy Hour on Sunday.  I asked Raj Gupta, a Borough Council candidate from the First Ward, potential locations […]

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Yappy Hour at Spamps – 07/17/11

July 19, 2011

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Does Conshy Have Good Pizza?

July 13, 2011

I just got done reading the latest issue of Philadelphia Magazine that lists the 50 best pizza places in the Philadelphia region.  As I read through the article I eagerly awaited finding which place(s) from Conshohocken would be included.  If you did the same, I am sure you are as disappointed as I am. There were two references to Conshy […]

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Conshohocken News & Gossip – Week of 07/11/11

July 12, 2011

News & Gossip Having been on radio silence since October 29th, the Concerned Conshohockens Against More Traffic Facebook Page has seen several posts over the last two weeks asking people to get involved.  As you may remember this page was created right around the time it was announced a Super Wawa may be coming to 11th and Fayette at the […]

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Conshohocken News & Gossip – Week of 07/04/11

July 5, 2011

News & Gossip The 60th running of the Conshohocken Soap Box Derby was held on Monday, July 4th.  Above is video from the Times Herald with an interview with race contestant Jennifer Pliszka.  This year’s event featured 34 contestants with six children in the masters division, 15 in the stock division and 13 in the super-stock division.  Matthew Burkert won […]

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StoneRose Update

June 30, 2011

Stopped by The StoneRose and everyone has a very positive attitude.  Brian is dealing with insurance, etc., and Jim already has a crew up on the roof.  I took a couple photos of the inside (the main floor).  I didn’t have the opportunity to go into the kitchen, which is the most damaged area.  Overall, the bar area doesn’t appear […]

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Thanks from The StoneRose

June 30, 2011

I got a message from Gary DeMedio, president at DeMedio-Keystone Realty Group, who has been at The StoneRose this morning with owner Brian Pieri.  They asked that I post their thanks to the “both Fire Companies for their response to The StoneRose fire.”  DeMedio and Pieri are already working through “insurance issues and restoration issues.”  They stated that things could have […]