A fence, signage, and outdoor storage on agenda for Plymouth Township’s Zoning Hearing Board

There are three hearings scheduled for the May 20th meeting of the Plymouth Township Zoning Hearing Board. They involve a fence on Hickory Road, signage at the Plymouth Square Shopping Center, and outdoor storage at Home Depot.

The first hearing is for the property at 2368 Hickory Road in Plymouth Meeting (Plymouth Township). The applicant is seeking a variance to construct a 4′ fence 22′ from the property line instead of the required 50′. The fence would be in the “historical picket style.”

The second hearing involves an unnamed tenant at Plymouth Square Shopping Center in Conshohocken (Plymouth Township). The shopping center is seeking a variance to have a 94.25 square foot sign wall sign, where only a 53 square foot sign is permitted.

The third hearing involves outdoor storage and parking at Home Depot at 200 Alan Wood Road in Conshohocken (Plymouth Township). The store is seeking to utilize 41 parking spaces for outdoor storage. The zoning hearing board granted a previous variance to allow 15 parking spaces to be used for rentals. The applicant would reallocate the 15 spaces towards this new variance request.

You can view the agenda here. The meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. at the Greater Plymouth Community Center.