A Reimagined Lower Fayette Street

26 year Conshohocken resident Lance Eichert has reimagined lower Fayette Street and created an almost to scale model of his vision.  His concept turns the area now occupied by the parking deck at East 1st and Fayette into a public square surrounded by small shops, restaurants and office space.  Parking will be underneath the plaza, which you would enter from East Hector (where you enter the lower level of the parking deck currently). To give you a landmark in the above photo, the road between the two structures is East 1st Avenue, with Jimmy Johns on the corner.

We asked Eichert to film a video where he explained his concept:

So can this actually happen? Probably not, but it is fun to have the discussion. How could it happen? Tyrone Pulver, owns the property, would need to embrace the concept and make it happen. If you are not familiar with Pulver, he built many of the office buildings in Conshy.

So Conshy, what do you think? More photos are below: