Activists Protest State Senator Daylin Leach at Cannabis Industry Event in Harrisburg

State Senator Daylin Leach (D), who represents West Conshohocken and most of Plymouth Township, is still facing pressure from #MeToo activists to resign. This past weekend, protestors interrupted a cannabis industry event in Harrisburg (see more below).

In late 2017 Leach was accused of inappropriate behavior by former staffers and people associated with his campaigns. After the accusations, Governor Wolf called on Leach to resign. Leach refused to resign but did drop out of a congressional race. Leach claimed that the worse thing he did was make inappropriate jokes. He continues to serve as a State Senator.

Back to the protest. There is an almost 13-minute video of the protest titled “Daylin is a groper” on The protest, which took place in a hotel ballroom, leads to a confrontation between the protestors and the hotel staff and those involved with the event. It got quite heated.

One of the people spotted in the video is Conshohocken native and Plymouth Whitemarsh High School graduate Chris Visco, who was recently dubbed the “Queen of Cannabis” by She, along with partner, Adina Birnbaum, own TerraVida which has three medical marijuana dispensaries. In the video, Visco is seen screaming at the protestors in defense of Leach.

Visco is close with Leach and has managed several political campaigns including that of State Representative Chris Rabb (D) and State Senator Art Haywood (D). She also owns a social media company that use to be based in Conshohocken.

Visco knows she is being filmed because at one point she smiles for the camera. We are going to post the video twice for you below. The first version will include the whole video. The second will start when Visco joins the fray. She is the one wearing the poncho yelling “get out” and “who did he rape?”.

Please note that the video is NSFW.

Entire video:

Starts at 8:24 with the appearance of Chris Visco:

While the protestors are breaking the law by protesting on private property without permission, and it is perfectly fine to throw them out, this is an interesting political development (in that the concern over Leach hasn’t gone away and likely will continue into the upcoming election season).

In September of last year, the Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Organization of Women announced that the organization will not endorse anyone who is unwilling to call for Leach’s resignation.

Photo: Daylin Leach’s Facebook page (MTTC added the text bubbles).