Allegheny County prohibits alcohol consumption at bars and restaurants due to rising cases of Coronavirus

Allegheny County has announced that bars and restaurants in the county will be prohibited from selling alcohol for consumption on-site beginning June 30th. Allegheny officials reported 90 new cases of Coronavirus on Saturday and 96 on Sunday. Health officials have traced a large number of cases back to two neighborhoods, South Side and Oakland, that are known for their nightlife and people who have traveled to Florida.

Here in Montgomery County, officials are not providing updates on positive cases over the weekend. As we reported on Friday, cases went up from 19 to 54 from Monday to Friday of last week.

Based on state data, which county officials have stated includes mistakes such as dupes and non-county residents, Montgomery County could have case totals in the seventies for Saturday and Sunday. The last total of confirmed cases reported by the county is 8,207 as of June 26th. The total number of confirmed cases reported by the state as of today (June 28th) is 8,362. That is 155 over the two days or 77.5 per day. Cases haven’t been that high since just over two weeks ago.

Montgomery County officials will provide an update at 3:00 p.m. on Monday. We will have a more definitive picture of the case totals for the weekend then.