Are the Conshohockens College Party Towns?

We know there are occasional college parties in Conshohocken, but is it an ongoing thing and just that not much is said about it? This is one of those stories we always plan to dig deeper into, but never get to. However, the story we linked to above and the more recent suspected overdose death of a college student after a college party in a rental home in West Conshohocken, brought the issue back to the top of our list of stories we should do.

Having went to Saint Joseph’s University, we know all about having parties in residential neighborhoods where college parties really don’t belong (sorry West Philly). However, that was in the city, where the cops have more to do than worry about college parties. We would think suburban police would be all over the hint of a college party and thus it would never grow into a problem.

While doing some research, we found an article from Cabrini’s college newspaper where a student gives details on partying in Conshy, which is described as the location of some of Cabrini’s “most infamous parties.” Note that the article was published in 2008. From the article:

A typical night at Conshohocken is wondering if you can hold it long enough to stand in the bathroom line or are you better off just going somewhere outside?

Trying to find the hidden keg stashed in one of the bedrooms is one of the many adventures I see people taking throughout the night.

Elbowing your way in and out of the backyard and basement is always tricky. It usually ends with someone spilling a beer leaving one person with a wet shirt, the other with an empty cup.

My first night out in Conshy feels like it was yesterday. I picked up a green middle school track jersey from the ’80s I stumbled upon in a lost and found. I had never worn it yet because it truly was an outrageous piece of clothing. For some reason, my first night out at Conshy felt like it was the perfect time to break it in.

My friends got the number for Main Line Taxi and went to a Cabrini house party for the first time.

Honestly, that night was one of the most fun nights of my life. I started my night off with a keg-stand or two and steadily met a new face every time I walked in and out of the house.

Based on that article (read the full text here), it sounds like there were regular college parties in Conshy in 2008. Is this happening today? Is it an occasional thing that makes you misty eyed for your college days or are you picking up beer cans on your lawn and street on a Sunday morning cursing the kids next door?

This is the start of a series of articles. Other aspects we plan to explore are:

  • Student Approved Housing in West Conshohocken, what exactly is that and how many homes are approved?
  • Has Conshohocken’s relatively new rental ordinance been enforced as it pertains to behavior of tenants and holding the landlord responsible?
  • Have tougher zoning and ordinances pushed the Main Line’s issue into the Conshohockens?

Let us know anything else we should explore and/or addresses for home where college parties occur. Please do not share the addresses in the comments or on Facebook, email us at