Bachelor Auction at Guppy’s

A “Bachelor Auction” was held on Saturday, April 24th at Guppy’s Goodtimes to raise money for Janie Carbo and The Society of St. Vincent de Paul.  The event had a great turnout and bidding wars broke out.  Will post the final tally soon.

Butch, a bartender at the StoneRose, will hate me for this photo.

Adriane was a very active bidder.

Booda and Lan came out in Conshy for the first time.

Notice the hands bidding in the very back.

Wilhelmina Model Anthony created a bidding war.

The StoneRose’s Brian Pieri and one of the bidders.

610 WIP’s Marc Farzetta danced and sang for the audience.

“Can you believe they bid that much?”

A big crowd came out to support the event.

Guppy’s Jim Romano greets his high bidder.

Kristen (left) the “Mayor of Maple Street” organized the event.

A group of friends enjoying the event.

The crew selling raffle tickets.

Butch with Janie Carbo’s father.

Wilhelmina PA’s owner Kelli (right) with her sister.

Kristen and Guppy’s Robin.  Eventually he was auctioned off.