Candidate for Judge in Montco Claims Facebook Hacked When Asked About Three Year Old Facebook Screenshots

Earlier this week received screenshots of what appear to be Facebook comments made by Gregg Richman (R) who is currently running for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Montgomery County. The screenshots aren’t dated, but based on some of the content they appear to be about three years old.

We shared two of the screenshots with Richmann and he claims he was hacked. Below is his statement:

Three years ago this guy tried to defame me and was calling me anti Semitic names that are reprehensible. Over the course of several months they took over my Facebook page and hacked into my account on Facebook and they made these comments to get me suspended from Facebook and hurt my business. Again these are his comments after he hacked my account. He is a racist hacker and not telling you the whole story. I will not allow for an anti-Semitic person like this guy to try to put words in my mouth when my great grandfather was a holocaust victim at Dachau. I am Jewish and he claims I Made (sic) anti-Semitic comments that is preposterous and it shows that he was the one making the comments to make me look bad and get me suspended from facebook (sic) which is did. Ultimately i got my account back and blocked him. I am dismayed to see this resurface after so many years. But I am a good lawyer and when you win you make some people upset perhaps he was friends with someone who lost a case against me. That is the truth these are his words and i (sic) will not be defamed twice about my own heritage and ancestry. This is outrageous and as such since these are his words I am the victim here and this is why I am running for Judge to stop people from defaming others, stop people from using bullying tactics and mostly to stand firm Against (sic) Anti-Semitism which this person is an obvious anti-Semite.

We asked Richman for any documentation of his effort to reclaim his Facebook account and he did not have any. He also did not file a lawsuit. He also claims to not know who the alleged hacker was. There is no paper trail involving his claim that it was a hack or an effort to hold anyone responsible.

While we will not reveal who provided the screenshots to us, we can tell you the person made no effort to conceal his or her identity. The comments were part of a public post.

We shared a couple of the screenshots with the Montgomery County Republican Committee and received the following statement:

MCRC emphatically denounces the comments made by Greg Richman as they do not represent the values of The Republican Party of Montgomery County, our members or our candidates. While we were unaware of these social media posts, MCRC takes these seriously and we urge Mr. Richman to denounce these views or withdraw from the race for Judge.

What is strange is that Richman solely focused on the language used about Jews, but did not address the comment in the first screenshot that calls for banning all Muslims “indefinitely or permanently” and refers to them as “muzzies.” “Muzzies” or mussies is considered a slur.

And if you take away the aggressive language and name-calling in the second and third screenshots, what you basically have is a debate that exists today within the Jewish community about which political party best represents its interests. Richman, via his campaign’s Facebook page, has clearly taken a stance on this issue. Richman is currently promoting a group, Jexit, which is encouraging Jews to leave the Democratic Party.

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