Carol Smith

Carol Smith

I first came across Carol Smith when I was preparing to launch this site.  I was walking down at the trail and saw that someone had set up a tent to rent bikes.  We got into a discussion and she told me about the bike rentals and the farmer’s market and offered to provide me a bunch of photos to use on the site.  Due to my initial interaction with her, I wasn’t surprised when she was the first person nominated as a “Conshohocken Celebrity.”

How long have you lived in Conshohocken?

I have happily lived here since 1989!

If applicable, how did you first come to live or work in Conshohocken?

Originally from Allentown, I moved here for a job at SmithKline (now GSK). Although I looked at other areas like Bryn Mawr, Manayunk, Philadelphia and Roxborough I liked the feel and amenities of Conshohocken.  An avid cyclist, my home is a block away from the bike trail…that was a big factor for me! And I like the name Conshohocken and its nickname, Conshy!

How are you involved in the betterment of Conshohocken?

I managed the Conshohocken Farmers Market this season.  Through extensive publicity the market increased in the number and diversity of vendors and the community participation. An information table highlighted community events such as the Car Show and FunFest.

Local institutions like the Fellowship House and the library had their events flyers distributed at the market. Representatives from Cad.Com helped our elderly obtain food coupons to purchase locally produced fresh food and also helped folks in these tough economic times with information for services.

The library held frequent book sales at the market to fund their programs. Local businesses also were highlighted at the table using handouts and special promotions.  It became an event that folks looked forward to attending and the new picnic tables, donated by Home Depot, were filled with hungry patrons enjoying their lunchtime purchases and perusing their book selections.

Community organizations like Conshy Rocks and The Shade Tree Commission were able to inform folks of their activities.  Recycling literature and bin stickers for residents were available. It became a true source of community information and brought people together who might not have been otherwise acquainted.

What do you love most about Conshohocken?

The hometown feel of the place is precious.  The long time establishments like Piermani’s, the Conshohocken Bakery, John Brothers Auto and Edwards-Freeman always treat me like a friend and have always been excellent in their service.  It is a very walkable community and has several wonderful features like the bike trail and easy access to Philly via the R6 station. The Borough Council and Zoning Officers ensure that the continued development reflects the needs of the community members. Folks are truly invested in the betterment of the town as can be seen in the local activities like the Little League, the library and the Shade Tree Commission.

What are your favorite places in Conshohocken?

In addition to those mentioned, I really enjoy having Guppies down the street. Robin has done a great job with that establishment. Ryah Yoga is a wonderful place. Plus we have so many great restaurants and pubs now.  I use the library and Sutcliffe Park frequently. For just about one square mile, it has a lot to offer us.

Any idea who nominated you?

I am frankly humbled by this and have no idea!  I just hope that I can continue to be a good member of this community and treasure the friends I have made here.