CLIMB Health & Wellness Celebrates One Year of Redefining Primary Care

When CLIMB Health & Wellness opened its doors in September of 2022, founders Jessie Fields, MD, and Amy Kempe, LPC knew that they intended to make health care more approachable and cohesive, but what they didn’t know was how transformative their model would be for their members as well as themselves.

Their unique, personal approach to care is palpable as soon as you step foot into CLIMB Health & Wellness. “I feel calmer.” “I feel welcome.” “I just want to stay here.” These comments are heard repeatedly within CLIMB and this mindset sets the tone for the entire experience.

As Amy and Jessie reflect on the experience at CLIMB, they see clearly that the way in which care is delivered at CLIMB is truly different: “it is the right way.” Amy marvels at growth she has seen people experience. “I have seen the delight in realizing a new path. I have seen people move through fears. I have seen what happens when people take risks and are supported. I have seen people know themselves better.”

Jessie reflects how CLIMB has returned the doctor-patient relationship to the way it should be. “I see my patients in life seamlessly with no barriers and no hierarchy,” Jessie notes. “Questions get answered and encouragement pervades. We trust each other and feel comfortable with one another. And from that foundation, we can build. We can go through this health journey – and really, life – together.”

Amy has seen this trust being built as well. “I have seen people grieve that they have limited their lives because they didn’t know better was out there. I have seen people grow and now know that better is possible. I have seen people become more themselves, more alive.”

Jessie and Amy are so grateful to be able to provide this space – physically, mentally, emotionally – for their community, and they invite others to come see how they are doing health care differently and redefining primary care.

CLIMB is having a First Anniversary Wellness Celebration this Saturday, September 9th from 1 to 5PM. You can meet the providers – including Jessie and Amy as well as other therapists, dietitians, trainers, and yoga teachers – and enjoy food, giveaways, and raffles, as well as interactive stations with demos to support your health. There will also be a kids fitness play party at 1PM with GO WITH YOYO so you can bring the kids and get to know the CLIMB community while they are entertained. Jessie and Amy welcome you to come experience CLIMB for yourself and can’t wait to meet you!