Conshohocken Physical Therapy Announces New Policy for Patients Being Treated Out of Network

Conshohocken Physical Therapy has announced they will treat patients at the out of network rate with a satisfaction guarantee. After the initial evaluation with one of their Doctors of Physical Therapy, if a patient feels they will not receive the quality of care they deserve, Conshohocken Physical Therapy will refund their payment and not bill the insurance company. If the patient decides to continue with their plan of care, they will proceed with a payment structure to satisfy their out of pocket expense.

“We understand that going to an out of network provider is a financial decision, so we want to do everything we can to make the decision easier for our patients” said co-owner, Robert Caucci. “We have built our practice on the concept of providing high quality care and earning word of mouth referrals. We pride ourselves on having a positive impact, both personally and therapeutically on every person who enters our office.” Many patients choose treatment out of network at Conshohocken Physical Therapy on a daily basis.

Most insurance companies prefer to sign In-Network agreements with providers at a reduced rate for services provided. In many cases, this model saves money for the insurance company but drives up volume and decreases the quality of care.

Aetna, in particular, has closed their network and not allowed new physical therapy providers, from the Conshohocken area, for more than seven years. Their claim is that they have enough Physical Therapy providers in their network and allowing access to more providers is not a good business decision.

“After analyzing the data, we prefer to remain out of network with Aetna. We would not be able to give our patients the quality care they deserve if we were forced to accept a severely reduced rate to join their network,” says owner Robert Caucci. “In order to pay our bills, we would have to sacrifice the quality of our care and that’s not something we are willing to do.”

According to one insurance carrier’s website, using out of network benefits is like buying a TV at full price without a coupon. In contrast, Conshohocken Physical Therapy views healthcare as a more significant decision and they feel confident it is worthwhile investment.

Patients should know their rights as a paying customer of any insurance company. They have the “Right to Choose” where they receive the highest quality treatment.