Conshohocken’s Borough Council voted 5-2 to adopt zoning overlay along Fayette Street

The decision on whether to encourage new uses and redevelopment along Fayette Street has been made by Conshohocken’s Borough Council. During the February 21st meeting, the council voted 5-2 to adopt an ordinance that creates the Fayette Street Corridor Overlay District that is meant to expand the allowable uses of buildings along Fayette Street and spur new development.

The motion to adopt the ordinance was made by Adrian Serna (D, Ward 1) and seconded by Stacy Ellam (D, Ward 6). Those voting to adopt the ordinance were Serna, Ellam, Alan Chmielewski (D, Ward 1), Tina Sokolowski (D, Ward 3), and Ralph Frey (I, Ward 7). Voting against were Anita Barton (D, Ward 4) and Kathleen Kingsley (D, Ward 5).