Democrats and Republicans Short on Candidates for 2019 Local Elections

Looks like the Democratic Party locally is short on candidates for the upcoming local elections. The Republicans are having trouble as well. We hear there aren’t any current candidates on the Republican side for the two seats up for election on Plymouth Township’s Council. That isn’t all that surprising for the Republicans, but with the Democrats dominating locally, it is surprising people aren’t eager to run.

Yesterday, Karen Bramblett (D), who was elected to Plymouth Township’s Council in 2018, sent an email detailing what seats are up for election and how the process to obtain the Colonial Area Democratic Committee endorsement will work.

See the letter below:

What is odd is that the Colonial Area Democratic Committee has already been promoting the campaign of Felix Raimondo and Leslie Finegold, incumbents running for the Colonial School Board. Ramondo and Finegold’s campaign has been promoted through the Colonial Democrats via email and social media marketing.

Did the 2019 Screening Committee do a special recommendation for these two candidates? Did the “full committee” already vote to endorse Raimondo and Finegold?

We asked Bramblett about this discrepancy and did not receive a response back.

Check back tomorrow for an article on another email we obtained. It is a doozy.