Digital Billboard Proposed for Entryway into the Conshohockens

On the agenda for the February 25th meeting of West Conshohocken’s Borough Council was a presentation on a proposal to place two-digital billboards on the back side of the property at 101 Ford Street, which was formally Stella Blu and more recently Imbibe.

One billboard will face the traffic coming down Matsonford Road to Front Street and the bridge. The other will face the traffic coming over the bridge from Conshohocken.

Please note that we did not attend the meeting. We interviewed a member of the public who did attend. We attempted to obtain the presentation from Catalyst Experiential, but it declined to provide it to us. actually mentioned Catalyst Experiential on its Facebook page recently (without knowing about this proposal). We shared via Facebook a article about Catalyst Experiential, which described how it is approaching municipalities with proposals to provide the municipality something in return for allowing its billboards.

In West Conshohocken, Catalyst Experiential is offering to create 24 parking spaces at the bottom of Cedar Avenue.

More to come.

UPDATE – Now another public relations person representing the billboard company has called us. They asked us to change the company name from Catalyst Outdoor to Catalyst Experiential, which we did. We also now know that the billboards, which the public relations person tried to tell us aren’t really billboards, are 15′ wide by 30′ high (vertical position) and would be attached to the building. They would not be on poles.