Draft SEPTA bus plan could make it harder to get from city to Plymouth Meeting Mall

SEPTA is planning a major overhaul of its bus network and has released a draft of the plan that it believes improves its bus network, making it easier to use and more reliable. The draft includes changes to both the overall network and individual bus routes.

In a report from CBS3 News, one route that may change is a route from Olney (in Philadelphia) to the Plymouth Meeting Mall. Currently, you do not have to switch buses. From the article:

Amid the hustle and bustle at the Olney Transportation Center, Briana Quinones of North Philadelphia waits for her bus that goes to the Plymouth Meeting Mall, where she works.

“It’s good because my job is like, as soon as I get off the bus,” Quinones said, “I can walk right to my job.”

She worries about SEPTA’s new bus route proposal. If approved, it would mean she would change her route and instead, ride from Olney to Chestnut Hill and from there to Plymouth Meeting. “I don’t really like that idea because it’s more extra time to go to work,” Quinones said.

SEPTA cites declining ridership to Plymouth Meeting as the driving force and believes its proposed change will allow for better service between Olney and Chestnut Hill. You can read the full article here.

Photo: Screengrab from CBS3’s video