Dye Pack Helped Foil Bank Robbery on Sunday at TD Bank on Ridge Pike in Conshohocken. Suspect Now in Custody

The Times Herald reports that an exploding dye pack helped foil the robbery at the TD Bank on Ridge Pike in Conshohocken (Plymouth Township) and that a suspect is now in custody. In an earlier story today, we showed you a photograph provided by a reader of the money taken from the bank scattered around the parking lot of the car wash next door. The article from the Times Herald reports:

An arraignment was held Tuesday morning for a suspect who was apprehended at the King of Prussia Mall Monday after allegedly robbing three area banks in five days.

David Byron Baronett, 27, of Philadelphia is charged with robbing the Citizens Bank at 8345 Ridge Avenue in the Andorra section of Philadelphia Jan. 2, the TD Bank at 502 Ridge Pike in Plymouth Township Sunday and the Royal Bank at 655 W. DeKalb Pike in Upper Merion Monday.

The Times Herald goes on to report that the affidavit states that the suspect passed a threatening note to a bank teller, who turned over $2,000 and the tye pack. The suspect left the bank and went across the side street towards the car wash and that was where the pack exploded. The suspect then got in a car and departed the scene. The suspect than robbed another bank the following day and was tracked to the King of Prussia Mall where he was arrested.