Former Conshohocken resident has created daily trivia site inspired by Wordle

A former Conshohocken resident now making his home in Flourtown Matt Doyle has created a new daily trivia site called TriviaV ( Inspired by Wordle, Doyle set out to create a site that allows friends and family to connect on a daily basis while playing trivia. The site offers five trivia questions each day, covering a range of topics from geography and history to sports and pop culture. The “V” in TriviaV represents the Roman numeral for 5, which corresponds to the game’s five daily questions.

As Doyle was developing the site, he and his wife Melissa began sharing their daily scores with friends and family. Sharing TriviaV scores quickly became a daily fixture in group chats. Since then, the TriviaV fan base has expanded to include an international audience. Players often share their scores on social media using the “share” button on the site. Shared scores appear as below, noting the player’s correct and incorrect answers.

The pair write the trivia questions using a variety of sources. They aim to make the questions challenging, yet accessible to a wide audience of players. Players can submit ideas for questions or feedback on the game via the TriviaV Facebook page or via email at