Halloween health and safety, plus find out how to get Halloween candy x-rayed for free

Conshohocken resident Jessica DeLuise, who is the physicians assistant at AFC Urgent Care in Conshohocken, was recently on PHL17 where she shared tips for Halloween. In addition, she announced that you can bring the candy your kids collect from trick or treating and have it x-rayed. An x-ray scan will detect the presence of metal objects, like needles or razor blades, or other radioopaque items. This free service is offered through November 7th at AFC Urgent Care’s locations in Conshohocken, Cheltenham, Northern Liberties, Roxborough, and Torresdale. Content in this post does not constitute medical advice.

DeLuise, also has a TikTok account, The Wellness Kitchenista, with 65,000 followers, You can follow her on TikTok here.

Photo: Screengrab from PHL17’s video