Is a Food Co-Op Looking to Open in Conshohocken?

It appears there is an effort to bring a food co-op to Conshohocken.  We are not sure who is exactly behind this effort yet, but we are supposed to speak with them later in the week.  The Facebook page for the effort states, “Create a store that can be more responsive to the growing demand for local, natural, organic food produced and raised in sustainable and ethical ways.”

What exactly is a co-op? According to the survey you will be asked to participate in below:

A food co-op is a collectively owned grocery store. Most frequently, it focuses on making natural foods more affordable for co-op members, although other products may be carried as well. There are a number of different styles co-op, but all of them share common values of group management and decision making, social responsibility, and equality. Towns of all sizes have food co-ops ranging from very small to quite large.

As we mention, you are asked to complete an online survey so those behind the effort to gauge the interest and need.  There is also a Facebook page.