Lafayette Hill’s Leslie Richards Has Been Named Transportation Secretary in Upcoming Wolf Administration

Governor-elect Tom Wolf has named Lafayette Hill resident, former Whitemarsh Township Supervisor and current Montgomery County Commissioner Leslie Stern Richards as the Secretary of Transportation. On the governor-elect’s website, a statement reads:

I am happy to announce Leslie Richards will run the Department of Transportation,” said Gov.-elect Wolf. “Leslie Richards will work with me to continue to grow and modernize our transportation system by taking advantage of our location. As a business owner, I know that a strong transportation system is necessary to move people and goods efficiently and effectively, and I look forward to working with Leslie Richards to expand our thinking and grow a 21st century, statewide transportation system.

This is interesting on two levels. The first is that as a resident of Whitemarsh Township, she is aware of the need for a solution to the gridlock in Conshohocken during rush hour, which is partially caused by residents of Whitemarsh traveling via Hector and Fayette Streets. If you want to solve the problem long term, this is the opportunity.

It also opens up a second seat in the upcoming election for Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. The lone Republican, Bruce Castor, has announced that he is going to seek the office of District Attorney. With Richards now also leaving, that leaves Josh Shapiro has the lone incumbent.

The election of county commissioners is sort of strange. Both major parties run two candidates for the three seats. The party with the most votes gets two seats and the other party’s candidate with the most votes gets the third seat. A minority party seat is guaranteed by law.

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