Missed Connection: No Words

Craigslist.com’s shutdown its personals section last week and it put us into a panic. Missed Connections involving Conshohocken, Plymouth Meeting and Lafayette Hill is some of our most popular content. They shut it down over a new law that makes an online publisher responsible for third party content that is found to involve human trafficking.

Luckily, Missed Connections did survive. It was moved from the now defunct Personals section to Community.

The local one we found today is a real doozy. It is absolutely NSFW. A guy was shopping at Giant at Ridge and Butler Pikes during the last snow storm and could barely control himself in the aisles. His ad reads:

Hot mature guy shopping during storm crossed path a couple times. I was able to look at your bulge through your jeans and it definitely increased mine. Said hi when I passed and wanted to say more but thought you caught me looking and licking my lips. If by any chance you see this say hi been kicking myself for not saying more.

Let us know if there is a love connection.