Now Our Critic from Thinks We Are in Love’s critic is back with another post. The critic famously pointed out we spelled “proofread” as two words and used “if” instead of “of.” We did fix the “of” and “if” mistake, but we googled to find if proofread was indeed one word. We read this whole thing about it and that while not Heath Handbook correct, “proofread,” “proof-read” and “proof read” should all be acceptable in today’s fast changing language environment. So we stuck with what we originally used.

Here is the latest post from the critic:

As we noted, our point of contention was the criticism of our use of pop culture photos to accompany certain articles. The point of using Summer School was the grammar mistakes made and the video we shared had the teacher saying, “I ain’t no English teacher.”

Mark Harmon needs no defending. From his role as Sam the Astronaut on Moonlighting to Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS, he is an American treasure!

And to our critic’s last point, we are a mix of everything. If it involves the towns we cover, we try to get it on the site. Everything from the ridiculous to serious local news. Thanks for reading.

And we love all our readers, including you.