O’Neill Settles Suit, More Apartments and Office Space on the Horizon in Conshy

O’Neill Properties settled its lawsuit with Citizens Bank earlier this week, which was mainly about a development project near West Chester.  This dispute tied up an undeveloped parcel in Conshohocken and generally O’Neill’s ability to start new projects.  O’Neill Properties has previously developed a handful of major projects along the river in Conshohocken including Riverwalk Apartments, Londonbury and the Mellinium office complex. O’Neill retains ownership of the office space, but has sold the apartment communities.

I spoke to Stephen Forster, from O’Neill Properties, right before Christmas and he said that once the lawsuit was resolved, O’Neill would be focusing on two pieces of property it owns in Conshy.  The first being a parcel next to Riverwalk.  I marked this on the overhead photo as “B.” The second is an area adjacent to Londonbury and on the river behind the office buildings.  This is marked “A.”  Apartments and office space are being considered and no time line was provided.

You will also see a “C” on the overhead photo, which is unrelated to O’Neill’s development, but is the proposed site for a boathouse for Malvern Prep, the Haverford School and Conshy’s Parks & Recreation Department.

If you consider all of this proposed development, plus the projects in the works on West 7th, the corner of  Hector and North and Pulver’s 7 Tower Bridge, Conshy could add a couple thousand new residents and a bunch of new office space over the next few years.

Keep you posted.