Sixer Nerlens Noel Denies Trashing West Conshohocken Rental Home

A few weeks ago we had an article about the lawsuit against Sixer Nerlens Noel that accused him of causing damage to a rental home in West Conshohocken and what was deemed a death threat by the property owner. Noel has now responded to the lawsuit and denied the allegations.

From TMZ:

Now, Noel has finally fired back in legal docs of his own — adamantly denying he went “Project X” on the place. In fact, Nerlens says he tried to work with the owners to repair the carpet damage even though he wasn’t entirely convinced he damaged them in the first place.

But Nerlens is clearly most upset about the tombstone allegation — insisting it was just a Halloween decoration that was left on the property a few weeks before the holiday … and doesn’t amount to a threat.

Nerlens wants the whole case thrown out, stat … and we’re guessing he’ll never rent from  these people again.

I am not a lawyer!