The Conshohocken Rumor Mill – 01/11/12

As you may have noticed, the website is updated almost everyday now.  Due to this, what was News & Gossip is getting harder to do, because so much of what I use to include in that post is now a series of individual posts.  However, there is still a bunch of nuggets out information, rumors and gossip out there that I know people love to read.  So, its our new weekly post…The Rumor Mill.

-You may have seen the story last week about Giant buying a bunch of Genuardi’s stores.  The Genuardi’s at Butler and Ridge was not among the stores purchased.  Safeway, which owns Genuardi’s, plan to sell off or close the remaining Genuardi’s.  I heard last week that Weiss Markets is interested in that location.

-I had several conversations the past week about several new businesses potentially coming to Conshy.  None are certain yet.  A few are from established Conshy businesses owners and some from the outside.

-Whatever happened with Super Wawa?  My interested in the topic was piqued over the weekend when I read this article on  As you can see it mentions that Conshohocken rejected Wawa.  I emailed with the author of the article letting him know that Wawa never submitted paperwork to move forward with the project so it was impossible for Conshy to reject Wawa.  He said that he had interviewed Wawa’s CEO in his office and that Wawa had no qualms with what he wrote in the article.  Not sure if that means Wawa isn’t going to move forward or not.  I would try to email Wawa for clarification, but they haven’t responded to the last couple I sent.

-Conshohocken’s Jim Victor created his annual butter sculpture for the Farm Show.

-Some girl moved from Conshy to Manayunk and now has to park seven blocks from home.  She also failed to mention paying the city wage tax. #notwinning

-People always tell me the Getty Station at 7th and Fayette is for sale.  I asked someone who knows about this and was told it is in fact not for sale.

-Have you noticed that the Exxon at 6th and Fayette hasn’t sold gas in months and the Sunoco at Butler in Ridge seems to only have gas periodically?

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  • I am working on an article on what will/could/should happen in Conshy over the next three years.  Conshy is on the cusp of a wave of potential new development and I am going to provide readers a lay of the land.
  • A new bunch of Conshy Celebrities.
  • The launch of
  • A complete redesign for