Video: Republican Judicial Candidate Gregg Richman Responds to’s Coverage for 38 Minutes on Facebook Live

Over the past week, we have published two stories on Gregg Richman, a Republican candidate for the Court of Common Pleas in Montgomery County.

The first article focused on screenshots of Facebook comments allegedly made by Richman that include a Muslim slur and derogatory language about Jews. Richman is Jewish and claims that his Facebook was hacked.

The second article focused on a Facebook post and a video he posted to The two items are mostly the same content in which Richman advocates for stronger border security using words like “eliminate” and “bloodbath.” Richman doesn’t deny these are his words, but yesterday put out a 38-minute video where he claims they are hyperbole.

In the new video (find below), Richman attacks and states that we (specifically me, Kevin Tierney) did a “hatchet job” on him. When we received the screenshots, we asked Richman for comment and he provided a statement that we published in full. When we received the video, we asked Richman for a statement and he didn’t respond. Everything he provided to us we published. We have also only described the comments he claims were the result of a hack as being allegedly made by him.

And now ladies and gentlemen, we give you the 38 unedited minutes of Gregg Richman (note if you just want to watch him attack, you can scroll to 8:20, 15:40, and 36.47):

If you regularly follow, you know our instinct is to take this video apart piece by piece. But that isn’t really necessary. Forget the screenshots that he claims are the result of a hack. Let’s Just focus on what he claims about the video. That the language in the video is just hyperbole.

Does this sound like hyperbole to you?

Richman is really just the first act of this story. The real story is how he became the endorsed candidate of the Montgomery County Republican Party. How are candidates vetted? Or are they not? That is going to be our focus going forward.


In other news surrounding this story, yesterday Rich Bouher, who led the Republican Party in Perkiomen Township resigned his position. On Facebook he stated:

this was enough for me yo (sic) resign from committee. Got an email from the area leader, MCRC waiting on guidance from the state, and watch what you say in social media. Not “what he said us absolutely against the values and morals of MCRC, and we do not condone this, but he careful of what you say”

France Krazalkovich, who is a commissioner in Upper Pottsgrove, asked the question about how Richman could have become the endorsed candidate and took responsibility as he serves within the party’s leadership. To see that portion of the statement you have to hit the “more” link.

More to come.