Video: Republican Montco Judicial Candidate Proposes “Bloodbath” at Border recently reported on Facebook comments allegedly made by a Montgomery County candidate for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas named Gregg Richman. Those Facebook comments dating back to approximately three years ago included the use of a slur for Muslims, stated Muslims should be banned indefinitely or permanently and used derogatory language about Jews.

Richman claimed those Facebook comments were not his words, but those of a hacker. He could not provide any evidence he dealt with a hacking issue. can now share with you a Facebook post made by Richman in 2018 and an un-dated video. The Facebook post and the video, which was reportedly very recently deleted or hidden on, were provided to us by a confidential source. We sent the Facebook post to Richman asking if this was also the work of an alleged hacker and did not receive a reply.

In the Facebook post, Richman states he wants to utilize the military to “eliminate all criminal migrants.” He doubles down by stating that he would use military aircraft to eliminate them “by any means necessary.”

In the video, he expresses the same sentiments, but uses words such as “bloodbath” and states that it doesn’t matter if women and children are victims of this military action.

So what now? According to information we received, the Montgomery County Republican Committee, which endorsed Richman prior to the May primary, is going to meet about Richman on September 7th. During this meeting, they could decide to stick with Richman or unendorse him. However, even if the party pulls the endorsement, the party can’t remove his name from the November ballot.

The big question is how Richman got endorsed in the first place? All of this information was out there to be found. We have asked the Montgomery County Republican Committee what its vetting process consisted of and who was in charge of it. We have not yet received an answer. It is not something we are going to drop.

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