Whitemarsh Road Closures Resulting in Cars on Vehicle-Free Forbidden Drive

The Chestnut Hill Local has an article on reports of vehicles utilizing vehicle-free Forbidden Drive due to the road closures in Whitemarsh. From the article:

Pugh, who has used the trail for almost 40 years, said he was certain local road closures had sent drivers down the restricted trail.

“With multiple road closures in Whitemarsh Township, drivers are regularly using Forbidden Drive in Fairmount Park to cut through from Northwestern Avenue to West Bells Mill Road.”

If you are not familiar with Forbidden Drive here is a description from TrailLink.com:

The Forbidden Drive Trail is a rare road-to-trail conversion that runs along the most spectacular section of Wissahickon Creek for 5.4 miles. Constructed in the mid-1800s as a turnpike, this roadway was renamed Forbidden Drive in 1920 when vehicles were banned from it. Today, the trail is open to walking, horseback riding, and bicycling, although the gravel and dirt surface is not suitable for bikes with skinnier tires.

Now park rangers are on the alert and looking for violators.