$400,000 Grant to Fund Park & Ride Area and Other Transit Improvements Along Washington Street

Earlier today we received the below press release from State Rep. Mary Jo Daley’s office. The release gives some details on a $400,000 grant to O’Neill Properties (51 Washington Street Associates) to fund a Park & Ride area and some other transit oriented improvements along Washington Street.

Here is the press release:

State Rep. Mary Jo Daley, D-Montgomery, today announced the Commonwealth Financing Authority has granted $400,000 to help enhance and improve the lives of people in Conshohocken.

Daley said 51 Washington Street Associates, L.P. will receive the $400,000 to help construct a Park & Ride area at the Conshohocken Regional Rail Station. The project includes building a parking lot, a new street on Washington Avenue, enhanced lighting and pedestrian wayfinding to support Conshohocken’s usage of public transportation.

“I commend the members of the CFA for their wise decision to invest in this great project,” Daley said. “The funding will make significant improvements to create a safe, convenient and more inviting atmosphere as well as help alleviate traffic congestion issues in the borough.

The CFA is an independent state agency that evaluates and administers funding for projects that create jobs and invest in the state’s financial growth. To find out more about CFA programs, visit www.newpa.com.

O’Neill Properties has approval to build an apartment community at 51 Washington. We emailed with a source who knows about this type of stuff and we learned that there are proposals for a SEPTA parking garage on the South side of the SEPTA tracks, west of the bridge. Another proposed improvement is extending Washington Street and create an on grade crossing of the SEPTA tracks at Oak Street. This would provide an additional way off the riverfront and offer people the opportunity to make three right hand turns to go over the bridge (right off Washington to Oak, right off Oak onto West Elm and right off Elm to Fayette/bridge). We haven’t confirmed if the $400,000 includes all of this, but it does give you an idea on potential improvements being discussed.

We will work to find out the specifics and see if there are renderings we can share with you. Stay tuned.