A Look Back on Father’s Day

My 20-year old daughter is a very dedicated track and field athlete, she sticks to her exercise program and is on the extreme side of healthy eating. That last part might explain the terrible cookies she made for me for Father’s Day.   She had a precise recipe for dark chocolate and peanut butter cookies, two of my favorite food groups. Apparently, she considered the recipe’s ingredient list to be a mere suggestion.  The recipe called for three eggs, she decided to use only egg whites. The recipe called for some wheat flour, she did not have any so she used the wheat germ that she frequently adds to her Greek yogurt to increase the protein. The recipe called for some pure maple syrup, she did not have any so she used some America’s Choice light pancake syrup, which apparently does not contain a drop of maple syrup. She skipped the little bit of sugar because, well, she just does not use sugar.

The cookies were not exactly moist and not at all sweet. Her mom and sister teased her and they all laughed not only at the results but at the very idea of ad lib cooking.

Although the girls could all laugh at her novice baking effort, and although the wisecracks were funny, those cookies were my Father’s Day present. All I could say was that they would be fine in the morning, when you really do not want something very sweet, and they would go well with a cup of coffee. So I brought the cookies to my office and have not again attempted to eat one. They are really bad. Nevertheless, I just can’t throw them away. They do not taste good but to me, sitting there in my office becoming more stale by the day, they look good, and looking at them makes me smile.

We have laws on the books requiring or forbidding all sorts of conduct. Something tells me that a law forbidding daughters from wrapping their dads around their little fingers would not work at all.

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