A Wawa Update

Sources have told me a couple items about Wawa the past couple of days.  Here they are, along with some question raised:

  • Wawa is going to submit actual paperwork within the next two weeks.
  • That paperwork will supposedly request Borough Council to make a text amendment allowing a zoning overlay to permit a commercial use.  To learn about zoning overlays, click here for a fact sheet from the commonwealth.
  • After reading this document, the question that comes to my mind is if an overlay can be applied to a specific area within a zoning district or can it only apply to the entire zoning district?  The linked to fact sheet states, “Overlay districts are placed over the original zoning districts and apply additional provisions that are either more restrictive or expansive, or that may provide for different uses or design standards than the original district regulations.”  I have a couple emails/calls out asking the question.
  • Another question is what type of precedent does that create for future development?
  • Based on prior deals such as the helipad for a dog park, is there any similar type discussion with Wawa?  I emailed a few elected officials about this.

Keep you posted.