Apartments in Whitemarsh moving through approval process

During the July 26th meeting of the Whitemarsh Township Planning Commission, the members voted 4-2 to recommend to the township’s board of supervisors that they grant “Conditional Final Plan” approval to KW Acquisition Corporation for its plan to construct 598 apartments straddling the board of the township and the Borough of Conshohocken at 401 and 433 Washington Street.

The issue now goes before the board of supervisors on August 11th. From the agenda:

Consider SLD #14-21 KRE Acquisition Corporation/401 and 433 Washington Street; Conditional Final Plan
598 Apartments located in both Conshohocken Borough & Whitemarsh Township

During the July 26th meeting of the planning commission, there was also a vote to recommend the “Major Land Development Preliminary Plan Review” for a 270-unit apartment community at 601 Washington Street. The vote was 4-1 to recommend the preliminary plan and 3-2 to recommend the granting of seven waivers. You can read the minutes from the planning commission here.

In the top image, you will see that there is a property, 501 Washington Street, between these two apartment communities. This property currently has a proposal to be redeveloped by its owner with a warehouse.