Appointments to Main Street Ordinance Overlay Task made by Conshohocken’s Borough Council

During its February 15th meeting, Conshohocken’s Borough Council appointed seven people to its Main Street Ordinance Overlay Task Force, which will study and make a recommendation to the borough council on a possible zoning overlay along all or a portion of Fayette Street that would determine what type of businesses could operate and/or how properties could be redeveloped.

The appointed members are:

  • Julian Miraglia, who owns a significant amount of property in the borough
  • Dr. Bill Tsoubonas, who has operated a chiropractic practice in the borough and owns property in the borough
  • Bill McLaughlin, who is a partner in The HOW Group, which owns Leeland Mansion and operates its real estate, mortgage, and construction business there
  • Lisa Rhodes, who is a resident of the borough and was active in the successful opposition against a Wawa being constructed along the 1100 block of Fayette Street
  • Brian Magrann, who owns property along the 300 block of Fayette Street where he operates his business
  • Tina Sokolowski, a member of the borough council representing the third ward
  • Stacy Ellam, a member of the borough council representing the sixth ward
  • Borough Manager Stephane Cecco or another designee
  • The borough’s zoning officer

The meetings for the task force will be open to the public. A schedule has not yet been released.