Assisted Living Facility Being Constructed Near Butler Pike and Plymouth Road

Westrum Development Company is constructing a 210 unit assisted living facility at 2261 Corsons Lane in Plymouth Meeting (Plymouth Township). The property is a former used car dealership. It will be called The Pinnacle at Plymouth Meeting.

This property sits between Butler Pike, the highways, Plymouth Road and Germantown Pike. Plymouth Creek crosses the property or is very close to it. Westrum is going to pursue changing the address to 215 Plymouth Road.

When researching this we discovered that during the approval process for the assisted living facility, Westrum helped develop a sink hole ordinance with Plymouth Township. You can view the sink hole ordinance here.

It looks like it went before the Plymouth Township’s Planning Agency at least twice. As you will see there was discussion on the sink hole issue. It wasn’t glossed over. The April 4, 2018 minutes give a lot of detail on how the property will operate.

During a April 2017 meeting, there are some initial information about the project and during public comment owners of neighboring properties spoke about their concerns.

It received final land development approval by Plymouth’s Council by a five to zero vote on April 9, 2018. Note that the project was formally called Arbour Square.