Is There a “Back Room Deal” Underway to Bring a Wawa to Fayette Street?

Over the past couple of months we have heard that things are going on behind the scenes that would eventually allow for the redevelopment of the Moore property at 12th and Fayette with a 24-hour convenience store with gas pumps.

As you may remember, at various times over the past few years, Conshohocken’s Planning Commission, Borough Council and Zoning Hearing Board all rejected the proposal. The theory is that the Borough Council now has a majority of members who were not yet serving when its decision was made in April of 2013. The theory goes that the new members, who hold a majority, are supportive of the 24-hour convenience store with gas pumps.

What we also hear now is that the property has been sold to the developer. Going back all the way to January 13th of this year, published an article that stated:

Here is the latest: The Moore family is leaving the property over the next few months. In the original agreement with a developer, it hinged on gaining approval from the zoning board here locally. At this point the developer is taking over the property without waiting for approval from the local zoning board. This may mean things are happening at a higher level than the local level. Stay tuned for more on this development.

We noted the above and everytime we drive by and see the car in the window we think to ourselves that the property hasn’t changed hands yet.

Last week, the Conshohocken Revitalization Alliance, an organization representing those opposed to the idea of a 24-hour convenience store with gas pumps at 12th and Fayette, turned up the volume on this issue with a Facebook post and new petition:

After seeing the post we emailed Tim Moore (the property owner) and Goodman Properties (the developer) asking about the ownership of the property. We did not receive an email back from either. We also searched the property records and deed records in Montgomery County and both show the property still belonging to Tim and Dennis Moore. We asked a real estate attorney about the legalities of recording changes in property ownership and he shared that it isn’t actually required, but doing so offers protections to the new owner, so its in the best interest to do so.

We also emailed a member of Conshohocken’s Borough Council the following:

I have had a handful of people pull me aside the past couple of weeks saying that the Borough is in secret negotiations with Bruce Goodman about allowing the Wawa at the Moore property. I am also told that the Moore’s have sold the property to Goodman, however, checking deeds and property records do not show that to be the case. Is there anything going on outside of the court case?

We did not receive a response.

So three inquiries and no answers. We will keep trying.