Boathouse Secures Final Approval from Borough Council

Last year we did a couple stories on Malvern Prep and The Haverford School working with the Borough to build a boathouse along the river.  The location is behind the Riverwalk Apartments.  The deal has the Borough providing the land and the schools building the boathouse at their cost.  Part of the provision is that 1/3 of the boathouse would be allocated to community programs.

Jenny Huff from the Times Herald reports:

CONSHOHOCKEN — The boathouse project along the “100-foot strip” cleared its final hurdle after borough council unanimously approved its land development resolution Thursday night.That breakthrough wrapped up the final bit of red tape project developers needed to move forward. The next step is to submit plans to the borough code department.

Council Vice President Ike Griffin, representative of the 2nd ward, made the motion to approve the resolution.

“The land development application was the final step,” said Borough Manager Fran Marabella.

“Now they will submit plans to be reviewed by our code people. They can start with a permit at that time.”

The location of the proposed boathouse was approved in May, to be built along the popular “100-foot strip” at Ash and Cherry streets along the Schuylkill River waterfront.

The main proprietors of the 13,500 square foot boathouse will be rowers from Malvern Preparatory School and The Haverford School. Last year, council approved this public/private partnership between the schools and the borough. While rowing and kayaking students will have first dibs on the space, the boathouse is expected to be open to the public at specific dates and times.

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