Borough of Conshohocken Issues Statement About Lake Conshohocken

We guess yesterday’s article about “Lake Conshohocken” resulted in some phone calls to the Borough of Conshohocken. We stated in the article that the water is being treated for mosquitoes, so not sure why people would have felt the need to call. Anyhow, here is the statement issued today by the Borough:

The Borough of Conshohocken would like to address concerns of potential mosquito breeding at the 51 Washington Street construction site. With the growing concern of West Nile Virus in Montgomery County and Pennsylvania, the Borough values the safety and well being of its residents, and has been actively addressing this public safety issue for the past several months.

Pointe Pest, a specialty pest control company, was hired by Roseland Property in late June after the Borough received concerns from residents. Pointe Pest was contracted to conduct pest treatments from July to October 2017 to control the mosquito population at this site.

Aside from treating this specific area, the Borough works with another pest control company to treat mosquitos at our Conshohocken parks. Sutcliffe, Aubrey Collins, Haines and Salvati, and the 2nd Avenue Meadows Parks are sprayed once a month from May to September to control the mosquitos.

The safety and well being of our residents is of the upmost importance. If you have questions or concerns about your public safety, please call the Borough at 610-828-1092.

So there you have it.

Photo: Phlly by Air. Loch Ness Monster added by MTTC.