Borough of Conshohocken Moving to Take Over Operation of the Fellowship House

The Borough of Conshohocken is moving towards terminating the lease of the Fellowship House that is held by the Board of the Fellowship House. Once done, the Board of the Fellowship will also need to vote on the matter. The Borough would then accept operational and financial responsibility for the community center.

Confused? The actual building is the Fellowship House, but there is a completely separate non-profit entity, the Board of the Fellowship House, which has operated it since its inception in the 1950’s. The borough owns the building and land, the Board owns the contents and has overseen programming.

If this goes through, the Borough would take over the operation on January 1st. There could be a disruption of service, which the Borough plans to minimize as much as possible, but vital services such as after school care, will operate seamlessly.

The Borough is currently seeking a Parks and Recreation Director. One of the responsibilities for this position would be the operation and programming of the Fellowship House.