Brittingham’s in Lafayette Hill Sold

Brittingham’s in Lafayette Hill has been sold to David Eckelmeyer, who owns CJ & Ecks in Roxborough.  As you can see below in the snip from the PLCB’s website, a transfer of the liquor license is in process.

I hear that there will be major renovations, but people I spoke with were not sure if the name and theme would change.  Conshy doesn’t have much of a live music scene and Brittingham’s offered a mix of cover bands, tribute bands and traditional Irish music on a weekly basis.  Hopefully that won’t change since its not something regularly offered in Conshy.

This also raises the question of what will happen to the neighboring General Lafayette Inn (real estate listing), which has sat idle for over two years.  It is listed at $1,250,000 and I have been told it would require a major investment to overhaul the property.

Keep you posted.