Campaign Highlights – Week of 10/12/09

Senate Race

The majority of Conshohocken is represented in Congress by Joe Sestak (D). Sestak is now seeking a seat in the Senate and is challenging Arlen Specter in the Democratic Primary. Sestak invoked his best Jules Winnfield (above) at a recent appearance.

Governor’s Race

Conshohocken’s Ward 1’s Congressional Rep, Jim Gerlach (R) is running for Governor.  The primary is heating up.

Congressional Races

Running in the 6th, Republican Steven Welch is building a war chest.

Another candidate in the 6th?

Doctor raises first $100,000 in the 6th.

Running in the 7th, Lentz (D) and Meehan (R) compare money raised.

Running in the 13th Dachowski combined his love for the Eagles and chili for a campaign event this past Sunday at the Spring Mill Fire House.

Dachowski has challenger to take on Schwartz in the 13th.