Changes on

As the site grows I am learning about what is working and what isn’t working and making changes to adjust.  The News/Gossip page is by far the most popular page, so I am moving it to the Front page, however, I am keeping the News/Gossip tab for the time being because there are a lot of links on the web.

I am taking any type of local issue posts such as the house being torn down on 6th and Fayette off the Front page and moving it to the new Conshy Local page.  So if you have kudos or problems with parking, traffic, zoning, borough services, etc., you are encouraged to email me and start a discussion via this page.

I have also discontinued the Conshy Politics page due to lack of readership.  I am now going to incorporate borough and national/statewide races into the News/Gossip (but there will be less coverage).

Two weeks ago I launched the Conshy Gallery, so if you have any event or other Conshy related photos you would like to post feel free to email me.