Climbing and Fitness Center Opening in West Conshohocken

In early June a Facebook page was created for Reach Climbing and Fitness, which has an address of 26 Portland Road in West Conshohocken. The corresponding website states:

Do you find yourself longing for brand new state of the art walls in your backyard? What about a huge 48 foot tall gorgeously angled lead wall? Dedicated rooms for fitness equipment and cross training? Thousands of square feet of premier bouldering space? Locker rooms with clean showers? A full service retail shop? Regular yoga and fitness classes? A great community and meeting place?

We did too.

reach 2

On the About page, it states:

Located in the Borough of West Conshohocken, we are dedicated to serving the needs of every climber in the Philadelphia area. We are community driven, from our conception by local climbers to the members we strive to serve. Reach will be offering the newest, tallest walls in the region, with a mix of fitness zones and classes available to all.

If you are wondering where Portland Road is located, it is off Balligomingo Road. If you have ever wondered where the building off 476 with the advertisement for is located, it is located on Portland Road.

reach 3

We emailed through the website to find out the anticipated opening date. We have not heard back yet. We will let you know more when we know more.

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