Conshohocken Brewing Co. Expanding to Bridgeport

A reader emailed us a couple days ago asking if we knew anything about the Conshohocken Brewing Co. opening a spot in Bridgeport. We emailed one of the owners and got a response confirming just before they announced via social media that the brewery is indeed opening a second location. This location is described as a “brew pub” and “beer garden”.

The PLCB made it easier for breweries to expand with a ruling that allows breweries to add additional locations without having to obtain new liquor licenses. From the Leigh Valley Legal Blog:

Pennsylvania breweries can open secondary storage locations (up to two per brewery license) and sell beer and other malt beverage products for on-premise consumption as well as six-pack, case and even keg beer. Although the new brewery regulation does not specifically address storage facilities, pursuant to Section 431(a.2) of the Liquor Code, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board can issue two storage licenses per manufacturer separate from the location of the manufacturing facility. A manufacturer may use the facility to receive, store, repackage, sell and distribute malt and brewed beverages in the same manner as its place of manufacture. When read together with the new breweries regulation, the law now permits breweries to have tasting rooms in separate facilities without any manufacturing requirements as long as the storage facility has 10 seats and offers snack food like chips or pretzels.

We looked to see if the brewery has an active or pending liquor license in Bridgeport via the PLCB’s website and didn’t see one, so its likely they are also adding a storage facility in Bridgeport and connecting the brew pub to it. The exact location was not included in the announcement. We were offered the opportunity to speak with one of the owners in the coming days, so we will have more details soon.

Below is the announcement from the brewery from its Facebook page:

Big things are happening in 2016! We are excited to announce we are opening a brewpub and beer garden in neighboring Bridgeport this Spring! Stay tuned for more details.

Posted by Conshohocken Brewing Co. on Tuesday, January 5, 2016