Conshohocken Brewing Now Distributed by Penn and Gretz

As of yesterday, Penn Beer and Gretz Beer are distributing the beers offered by Conshohocken Brewing Co. Since its inception, Conshohocken Brewing as been distributing its beer on its own. One of the partners in Conshohocken Brewing, Ken Buonocore, shared the following:

“We are excited to partner with Penn and Gretz to immediately increase our distribution footprint.  After three years of self distribution and establishing a strong foot print in the local market, the time had come to team up with distribution partners in the greater Philadelphia region. Gretz and Penn will support our continued growth in areas and accounts that we previously did not have the resources to reach.  We couldn’t be more pleased.”

Penn and Gretz each oversee distribution of Anheuser-Busch brands, along with a host of other beers, in designated territories in the Philadelphia region. Penn alone services 2,200 liquor licenses. This means that beers from Conshohocken Brewing should be popping up at more bars, restaurants and distributors throughout the region.