Conshohocken Physical Therapy Offering Free Health Screenings During October

In celebration of National Physical Therapy Month, Conshohocken Physical Therapy is providing free health screenings until the end of October. Make an appointment today by calling 610-828-7595.

A physical therapist can help prevent and manage a condition so that people can achieve long-term health benefits.

For instance, a study of 1,435 NCAA Division 1 female soccer players demonstrated that those who participated in a physical therapy program had an overall ACL injury rate 41 percent lower than those who did only a regular warm-up prior to practice. (American Journal of Sports Medicine August, 2008)

Because physical therapists receive specialized education in a variety of sciences – physics, human anatomy, kinesiology (human movement), to name a few – they understand how the body works and how to get people moving again. They know how to manage all four of the body’s major systems – musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular/pulmonary, and integumentary (skin) – to restore and maximize mobility.

Whether someone is living with diabetes or recovering from a stroke, a fall, or a sports injury, a physical therapist is a trusted health care professional who will work closely with them to evaluate the condition and develop an effective, personalized plan of care. A physical therapist can help achieve long-term results for many conditions that limit ability to move.

Conshohocken Physical Therapy(CPT) is a private practice delivering high quality, evidence-based care to improve their patients’ quality of life. They have been voted the “Best Physical Therapy Practice in Montgomery County, PA,” for three consecutive years (2008, 2009 and 2010). Owner, Dr. Desirea D. Caucci, PT, DPT, has been named one of the top 3 Physical Therapists in the nation by Advance Magazine (2008) and has been honored as the national winner of the Dorland Health People Award for Physical Therapy (2010). They have also created a breakthrough iPad application for pain prevention – “Motion Doctor”. Their mission is to promote physical therapy on a grand scale and make a positive impact, both personally and therapeutically, on every person who enters their office.

For more information please email bcaucci(at)conshypt(dot)com or visit