Conshohocken Physical Therapy’s Completes Expansion

Conshohocken Physical Therapy announced this week that they have completed construction on their building at 20 East 11th Avenue in Conshohocken. The expansion allows their distinguished Doctors of Physical Therapy to provide a higher level of orthopedic rehabilitation in addition to Proactive Therapy, which focuses on injury prevention.

Conshy Physical Therapy 6
Dr. Chris Wickel demonstrates the #AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

The facility now offers an AlterG Anti-Gravity treadmill, Dartfish video analysis equipment and an Endless Pool. The Anti-Gravity treadmill utilizes cutting edge Differential Air Pressure (DAP) Technology, developed by NASA, to unweight the user and reduce the joint strew when walking or running. Dartfish video software is another new service offered that provides extensive computerized, slow-motion video analysis of your gait (walking or running form) or golf swing mechanics. They use this information to create a customized plan to help you prevent pain and optimize your body mechanics.

Conshy Physical Therapy 3

Physical Therapist and Owner, Dr. Desirea Caucci said, “This enables us to impact more people with the power of good Physical Therapy as well as teach them more about Proactive Therapy which improves performance and prevents injuries. In the rapidly changing Healthcare system, it is more important than ever to be educated about your health and to prevent injuries from occurring or worsening.”

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Photos from Facebook page of Conshohocken Physical Therapy.