Conshohocken’s Borough Council approves plan for apartments along West Elm

During its January 20th meeting, Conshohocken’s Borough Council granted a conditional use for apartments at 400 West Elm Street. The vote was 6-0 to approve. One member of the council, Colleen Leonard, was absent.

The developer, Equus, plans a 13-story building with 352 units. There would also be a two-story parking garage with 189 spaces and 248 surface parking spaces.

This property was approved for apartments for 2014, but the developer then sought approval to build an office building in hopes of landing AmerisourceBergen as a tenant. The property was approved for an office building, but AmerisourceBergen selected the now under construction SORA West for its headquarters. During an earlier zoning hearing, a representative of the developer stated that there aren’t any large potential commercial tenants in the market and thus the pivot back to apartments.

There are currently two previously approved apartment communities under construction just upriver from the Matsonford Bridge. LCOR is constructing a 304-unit apartment community at 51 Washington and High Street Residential is building a 280-unit Matson Mill apartment community at 101 Washington Street. The three new apartment communities will add almost 1,000 new units between the bridge and the steel plant.

The developer will be required to contribute $500,000 towards the improvement of the West Elm Street and Fayette Street intersection.