Conshohocken’s Borough Council to consider granting approval for condos at 261-263 East Elm Street

On the agenda for the June 2nd meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council is the consideration of granting a conditional use to allow for condos (built like townhouses) at 261-263 East Elm Street in the borough.

The proposed community from Craft Custom Homes would consist of 21, two-bedroom, units. The property includes what was once a train station (you can see elements of this inside Prime Intensity Training). The developer plans to incorporate these features into the plan for the community.

If you are not familiar with the term “conditional use” its means that while a use (such as townhouses) is not an automatically allowed use within a zoning district, it is allowed with the approval of a municipality’s elected board. For example, this property falls within the limited industrial zoning district and an office for scientific research is allowed and doesn’t need approval as a use.

The conditional use approval process comes into play due to a recently repealed residential use overlay for the limited industrial zoning district. At one point in its history, Conshohocken was encouraging the redevelopment of industrial properties into residential uses. While this overlay has been repealed, the developer, in this case, filed the paperwork prior to the repeal.

The meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. remotely. Details on joining the meeting can be found here.