Conshohocken’s ZeroEyes no longer working with SEPTA

6ABC Action News recently reported that the Conshohocken-based ZeroEyes and SEPTA are no longer working together. In late 2022, SEPTA announced it had selected ZeroEyes for a pilot program designed to reduce the likelihood of gun-related violence on train platforms.

Zero Eyes is A.I.-based gun detection video analytics platform that was founded by former Navy Seals. Its platform was to be layered on top of SEPTA’s existing security cameras to identify brandished guns. Former military and law enforcement specialists monitor the system and if a gun is detected, it is quickly verified by the monitors, and local authorities are alerted.

In 6ABC Action News’ report, a representative of ZeroEyes states that SEPTA’s security system was “archaic” and attempted to develop an algorithm to work with SEPTA’s outdated technology. A representative of SEPTA countered that its 30,000 cameras aren’t outdated and it was determined that the ZeroEyes technology wasn’t found to be something transit police currently needed.

You can watch the full report below.