Conshy chef part of Revivalist Gin Naked Chef campaign

Hilary Hamilton, a Conshy resident and executive chef at Jasper’s Backyard and Jasper’s WestSide, is one of the participating chefs in Revivalist Gin Naked Chef campaign for the Hospitality Assistance Response of Pennsylvania, a 501(c)3 which provides immediate emergency funding to hospitality workers.

Revivalist will be donating $1 for every share on Facebook, as well as $1 for every repost on Instagram (up to $5,000). This does not include’s post about this. To find the posts to share and reposts go to Revivalist’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Note that they haven’t uploaded Hilary’s photo yet on social media (so just share whatever chef photos they have up at this point to help with the fundraising).

Photo: Kevin York